I can do many things well. 

Posing for selfies isn't one of them. But I can make ads. 

What I believe

I believe in better creative: smart, strategic and relevant.

I have a passion...

...a passion for learning, for growing and for creating. I believe that creativity exists in all of us, and I'm passionate about bringing it to the surface. I have a strong working knowledge of the entire creative process–from conceptual development, to deck creation and client presentations, to fabricating, printing and installing whatever is created. I'm excited to pursue new avenues, learn more, and create what has never been created. 
What do I do best?

I specialize in four key areas:


Creative direction

Leading creative ideation and development from initial concept to final deck and client presentation. 


Creative production

Selling a great idea is half the battle, keeping it true to the original concept, and keeping the integrity of the original idea alive is the real test.


Creative leadership

I love to teach and explore with my teams. I enjoy pushing them further out of their comfort zone and watching them grow and develop as a result.


Culture building

There's nothing more important to a successful creative team than a strong, trust-based creative culture. I welcome the opportunity to foster the creative culture at your agency. 

Some of my thoughts and ramblings

What playing darts can teach us about advertising.


My mom thinks I'm awesome, but what about other people?

Yeah, he's pretty good, I guess...

Aubrey Berry
My wife

What's this about again?

All my friends
Super supportive

Craig's design and leadership skills make him one of the best creative directors in advertising today. Not only does he solve a wide variety of design problems with his work, he does so with an attention to craftsmanship. Whether it is a digital, a print or an experiential solution–his work is always crafted for high quality production. To top it off, he has "Zen-like" mastery of communication with his colleagues and clients.

Paul Ziomek
Probably my favorite person right now

With Craig at the helm of our creative department, we have never been stronger. Craig represents a good role model for the agency and is followed with respect from all members of the company. He is a joy to work with and always brings incredible creative ideas to every meeting. He strives to be better every single day, which is contagious for the entire company.

Del Esparza
President & Founder, Esparza Advertising
Let's talk​

I would be honored to be
a part of your team.