Crystal Springs / Culligan

Crystal Springs / Culligan "No Taste" Campaign

Crystal Springs and Culligan are synonymous with perfectly filtered, pure bottled water and water filtration systems. 

This campaign concept used the idea that the only taste that you want in water is no taste, and Crystal Springs' filtered water contained virtually no contaminants, meaning it has virtually no taste, and that's a good thing. 

What I did:
Creative Direction / Concept / Art Direction
Culligan "Water's Past" Print Ad

Fun fact: every molecule of water that has ever existed on Earth, is still on Earth. Crazy, I know. 

For all of us, this means that filtering our water is very important. You should never let your water's past become a part of your future. This print placement aims to make that point in a pretty clear way. 

What I did:
Creative Direction / Concept / Copywriting