Tesuque Stucco Co.

Tesuque Stucco "Art of Stucco" Campaign

Tesuque Stucco was a small, family run stucco company located in Corrales, New Mexico. I say "was" because after 4 years of the "Art of Stucco" campaign, Tesuque has seen 5-8% growth each year, first rivaling and then out-selling their largest competitor in New Mexico for residential work. 

This campaign is based on a simple core truth of the company: they take stucco so serious that you could say it's their art form. They live it, breathe it, and apply it. 

This integrated campaign covers nearly all mediums, with television/video, print, outdoor, digital outdoor, direct mail and more. 

What I did:
Creative Direction / Concept / Art Direction
Tesuque Stucco "Morning, Noon, Night" Boards

Tesuque Stucco offers an immense variety of stucco color options. To help promote this, I used the flexibility of digital outdoor placements to create the "Morning, Noon, Night" series of outdoor boards. 

These digital placements faced towards the iconic Sandia mountains in Albuquerque. In the morning, commuters would be met with a message relating to the way these mountains look in the morning. In the evening, another message would appear, comparing the colors to the mountains at sunset, with a matching color palette on the board. During the day, we rotated in a neutral message about the variety of colors available. 

What I did:
Creative Direction / Concept / Copywriting / Art Direction
Tesuque Stucco Palette Direct Mail

Tesuque views their work as an art form. What better way to communicate that than to show the approved HOA colors of a community on an artist's palette? 

These direct mail pieces were sent to specific neighborhoods and featured only the HOA approved colors for that neighborhood. The direct mail pieces also included a crack depth gauge on the back side. Stick the gauge into a crack, and if the white line was hidden, it was time to repair or replace the stucco. 

What I did:
Concept / Copywriting / Art Direction